Welcome to Breakwater Magazine

Welcome to Breakwater Magazine

Today, Vancouver Island Brewing is proud to launch Breakwater Magazine, a new (and for us, very different) project.

Our idea to launch Breakwater was sparked when we asked ourselves what seemed to be a simple question—”Why are we proud to be brewing on Vancouver Island?”—and discovered there was no simple answer. The landscape, the weather, the wildlife, and the unfailing loyalty people have to all things Island were a few of our responses. And that’s just what we see on the surface.

Realizing we wanted to explore what the Island meant to us in greater depth, the next step became obvious—work to document the Island as we see it, and share it with others.

Fan Tan Alley, Victoria. Photo: Shayd Johnson

Our goal is to (eventually) publish articles that go a little deeper—we want to unearth niche stories, local stories and unexpected themes about travel, food, drink, history and more—as well as keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening around the Island. There is no doubt that Vancouver Island is growing.

Looking ahead, you might find a guide to the most palatable gas-station coffee for those cross-Island road trips or a feature examining whether the Nanaimo bar is actually a dessert we should be proud of. Or it could be taking a look at the most interesting—and practical—contents of locals’ emergency kits (hey, if the Big One hits, you might as well be stocked with booze too) to the history of B.C.’s most famous food truck burrito.

We’ll be publishing new stories regularly, so be sure to check back to see what’s new. (New stories will be announced on Instagram at @breakwater_mag). Most of our editorial series are a work in progress and will be continually added to.

Make sure to drop us a line—tell us what you liked (or didn’t), share your photos or suggest a story.


Chris Bjerrisgaard
Publisher, Breakwater Magazine

Cover photo by Taylor Roades.

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