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The Last-Minute Vancouver Island Gift Guide for the Design-Loving, Wellness-Practicing, Stylish Person in Your Life

The Last-Minute Vancouver Island Gift Guide for the Design-Loving, Wellness-Practicing, Stylish Person in Your Life

Don’t underestimate the competitive edge you’ll get under the tree with a thoughtfully chosen, well-designed gift. We hand-picked a selection of some of the Island’s best style and beauty items so you can shop—even last-minute—with confidence and shower your friends and fam with those items they planned to treat themselves to.

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Rachel Saunders’ The Woman Vase in Matisse Blue

Just like every woman, no two Rachel Saunders Woman Vases are alike. The Island native throws each piece on the wheel and hand-sculpts a soft organic form that looks a lot more like butter than fired clay. The interior is glazed in Glossy Onyx, but the outside is a saturated and vibrant deep blue, inspired by Henri Matisse’s Blue Nudes series. It’s a sculpture, it’s a vase, it’s a celebratory ode to the enigmatic nude that’s dominated art history for centuries, locally made and hand-crafted.  

Where to buy it: The Woman Vase in Matisse Blue by Rachel Saunders Ceramics, $190 | Online

Serving Board by ThankU

Martin Byers first started building furniture as a way to help pay for his final semester at school studying joinery at Camosun. Now he builds wood furnishings and accessories at this North Saanich shop for people all over the Island. Because not everyone can splurge on a new walnut bed, this round walnut serving board should do the trick. Smooth and shapely, this board is daily eye candy hanging in the kitchen or serving up charcuterie at dinner parties. 

Where to buy it: Serving Board by ThankU, price varies | Contact to purchase

Bucket Bag Backpack by Jovee Handmade Leather Goods

Jovee owner and maker Alexis Kastner quit her finance job years ago to work full-time on her leather passion project, and it’s paid off for all of us. Each leather bag is made right in Victoria, like this Jack (Of All Trades) Convertible Bag, seen here in soft pink. It’s like giving a backpack, a shoulder bag, and a crossbody purse all in one—available in a wide range of colours from black to blue to beige to pink.

Where to buy it: Bucket Bag Backpack by Jovee Handmade Leather Goods, $259 | Online

Custom Denim (and Tailoring) By Today Denim

As most people, especially women, know, finding a perfect pair of jeans can be an astonishing feat. At Today Denim, each pair of jeans is made by upcycling old denim, and are tailored to custom fit the wearer’s body in a unique one-on-one process led by Today’s co-founders and creators, Mariel and Berkley. It’s sustainable, custom, thoughtful, and once your giftee finds their perfect pair this holiday season, a downright Christmas miracle.

Where to buy it: Custom Denim (and Tailoring) Gift Card by Today Denim, $75| Online

DIY Holiday Card by The Regional Assembly of Text

Want to make a do-it-yourself gift, but worried it’ll be a Pinterest experiment gone awry? The fine folks at The Regional Assembly of Text are here to help. At their DIY card station, simply sit down, pick your colours and stationery (you can pay by the minute or hour and for each item that you use) and get typing your heartfelt thoughts and feelings. No gift is better than that. 

Where to buy it: DIY Holiday Card by The Regional Assembly of Text |  560 Johnson St. #116, Victoria

North Pole Beard Oil by Big City Beards

For the guy in your life, this might just be his new favourite grooming product. BCB’s oils are organic, vegan, rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing and this particular limited edition small batch beard oil smells faintly like cinnamon ginger cookies. 

Where to buy it: North Pole Beard Oil, $10 | Online

Ceramic Honey Tobacco Candle by Picot Collective

Victoria local Britt Buntain has built a tiny empire around her signature unisex scent Honey Tobacco, and after its 65 hours of moody burning time, your giftee can repurpose this in this ceramic dish to whatever their heart desires.

Where to buy it: Ceramic Honey Tobacco Candle by Picot Collective, $69 | Online

Stacking Ring Workshop by Argentum

This is the kind of gift for a friend or loved one who’s itching to take their skills beyond the office. The Stacking Ring Workshop at Market Square bling academy Argentum is the perfect gateway class to their future side hustle trade. Silversmith Jana Stevenson leads the hands-on one-day workshop so participants can play with torches and leave with three silver stacking rings. No prior experience or fire tool certification necessary.

Where to buy it: Stacking Ring Workshop by Argentum, $125 | Online

Cape Hoops by Hart and Stone

These affordable rice pearl hoops from Salt Spring Island’s Hart and Stone are the charming ear decorations your jewellery-donning friends will love. The classic 14-karat gold fill hoop says, “I’m a sophisticated woman with a job,” while the unique natural pearl drops say “life is a beautiful adventure but also let’s try and be sustainable about it.” (Also available at Violette downtown Victoria.)

Where to buy it: Cape Hoops by Hart and Stone, $78 | Select retailers or online

Bergamot Everything Wash by Steele and Co.

Whatever you do, don’t go into the shop and ask for the “Everything Wash,” because that’s just what we’re calling it. However, that’s exactly what it is, as this bottle from Steele and Co. mixes a light unisex citrus scent of Bergamot Essential oils with a base of castille soap, so your secret santa/ can use it as body wash, hand soap, shampoo, dishes—whatever! And it’s all natural, baby.

Where to buy it: Bergamot Everything Wash by Steele and Co., $30 | Select retailers or online

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